NUCOFFEE at the Café do Cerrado Seminar, in Patrocínio-MG

| November 15, 2011

GetImageAt the end of September, Syngenta participated in the Café do Cerrado Seminar (Seminário de Café do Cerrado de Patrocínio), in Patrocínio-MG, one of the most important coffee-growing events in Brazil. There, NUCOFFEE had a special area to meet producers who already take part in the initiative and also to show prospective partners their new webmap and NUCOFFEE’s special work carried out on the farms, which gives producers more recognition in Brazil and abroad.

NUCOFFEE’s presence in this kind of event shows that its work is not limited to being next to producers on the farms, and it also strengthens its support to the federation of coffee growers of the Cerrado (Federação dos Cafeicultores do Cerrado) and all the other coffee-producing regions, taking coffee to new places without forgetting to preserve the producers’ history and identity.

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