Red Container/Anike Wolthers report on Brazil Conilon early harvest situation

| May 13, 2024

Conilon Coffee Immersion.
By: Anike Ejlers Wolthers aka Red Container Coffee

Good Monday coffee friends.

Last week May 05-10, 2024 I had the privilege of touring around the breathtaking state of Espirito Santo to learn and source some conilon coffees.

From main cooperative with record volume to small, medium and large single estates, conventional, organic, EUDR and RFA conilon✔️.

This trip completely changed my view on conilon coffees as I experience some very neutral smooth cups on the way.

What I observed in different plantations and regions is that the trees are loaded, yet cherries did not develop in full.
The lack of rain in the end of last year coupled with the extreme temperature in the start of this year have affected the screen size and screen 17/18 will be diminished.

We are currently offering screen 13 up, 14 up, 15 up and 16 up for July/Aug shipment.

Bookings in the port of Espirito Santo are a bit delayed due to a funnel effect on lack of containers.

It is still early to be exact on volume of crop 24/25, the current idea is 16-18 million bags of conilon.

Cool facts about conilon: 100% hand picked, 100% irrigated, ready for shipment within 24 hours of harvesting, Brazilian conilon quality is improving by the season.

I would like to thank all coffee friends that are part of this key turning moment for Red Container Coffee.

Needless to say that more information, pictures, samples and offers are available upon request.

Best Regards to all,


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