NUCOFFEE sponsored the renowned MINASUL coffee quality contest!

| October 22, 2012

NUCOFFEE sponsored the renowned MINASUL coffee quality contest and also collaborated with the coordination of the event. Lots were evaluated according to the SCAA methodology, and NUCOFFEE added a new element to the contest: some coffees received special recognition (“stars”) for scoring the higher notes in individual attributes, such as acidity. The idea was to help producers better understand their coffee’s strongest points in a way they can have a better market positioning. All coffees acknowledged for higher scores in individual attributes were among the winning lots of the contest.

All winning lots will be offered via the NUCOFFEE program to coffee roasters worldwide.

NUCOFFEE and MINASUL proudly announce the winners:

1º place: Ricardo Iabrud dos Santos Pereira – Special “2 stars” acknowledgement: Fragrance/Aroma and Flavor
2º place: Lucimar Braga Junqueira – Special “2 stars” acknowledgement: Body and Aftertaste
3º place: Fábio Araújo Reis
4º place: Renato Pita Maciel de Moura – Special “1 star” acknowledgement: Most pleasant Acidity
5º place: Dimas Almeida Borges

1º place: Renato Pita Maciel de Moura: Special “2 stars” acknowledgement: Most pleasant Acidity and Aftertaste
2º place: Adelino R. B. Semboloni e Outros: Special “2 stars” acknowledgement: Flavor and Body
3º place: Ricardo Iabrud dos Santos Pereira: Special “1 star” acknowledgement: Aroma
4º place: Márcia Aparecida Marcelino Reghim
5º place: Alaor Elias da Silva

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