Santos Bay, where the best Brazilian New Crop coffees will be shipped from starting Oct. 2013

| September 26, 2013

882We have just received the second container of 7 MCC Huila and Tolima High Score Micro Lots into The Annex, CA.

From Brazil, we have some exciting 12/13 crop coffees in Grain Pro bags Spot various USA Ports.

We can also offer Brazil “RFA” certified 13/14 crop from Nov/13 through May/14:

  • RFA 960 Bags Pulped Natural NY 2, 17/18 Screen, SCAA 80+ points SS,FC
  • RFA 1.600 Bags Natural NY 2 17/18 Screen, SCAA 78+ points, SS, FC
  • RFA 2.560 Bags Pulped Natural NY 2/3, 14/16 Screen SCAA 78+ points, SS, FC
  • RFA 3.200 Bags Natural NY 2/3, 14/16 Screen, SCAA 78+ points, SS,FC

From another part of the planet, we have 1 box of:

  • Indonesian – “Gayo” Arabica Grade 1 for Nov/13 delivery.


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