Brazil Sees Excellent Flowering!

| October 17, 2013

Brazil sees an Excellent flowering!! IMG_2362 -1Rains have showered over the entire Brazilian Coffee Belt since mid-September promoting a series of sound flowerings and safe fixations.

The way it goes, if the weather remains within the Spring standard, Brazil will produce another 50 Million and + crop for the 2014/2015 cycle.

Abundant crops are necessary in Brazil as exports remain above the 31 million bags per year and the internal consumption has reached the 20 million bags per year.

We at Wolthers and Nucoffee are already prepared to offer 13/14 new crop as well as the 14/15 crop cycle for our clients that want to secure the best quality, quantity and attractive differentials.

Look into our Offer List with spot inventories of Brazilian and Colombian Micro lots.


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