Spring is just around the corner, coffee consumption remains intense.

| March 11, 2014


Although a great part of the continent does not indicate Spring is coming, the calendar and the official “Summer Time” schedule tell us that soon, we should enjoy milder temperatures and greener sceneries.

For now, It remains “Coffee Weather ” and consumption will probably hit record figures if one considers the comfort hot coffee provided while under the impact of this brutal winter season.

Logistics have been a serious issue as getting product to shelves was not always a smooth ride; nevertheless, coffee has reigned this season!

Looking forward into Spring and early Summer, how will consumers react to possible higher prices for their daily multiple cups of the friendly and heartwarming Java?

Nothing is set yet but with prices for green coffee soaring over 75% in less than 2 months, price increases on roasted coffee seem likely.

Meanwhile, lets enjoy the still affordable prices in cafes, coffee shops and grocery store shelves and hope that green coffee does not out-market itself and stall consumption.

Our early wishes of a wonderful Spring season.


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