Tour of the Americas late 2013

| December 18, 2013

After the 8 days in Brazil’s Arabica coffee Belt, I just finished touring some fine Colombian coffee destinations, Bogota, Pereira, Neiva and Garzon in Huila.

In the Huila department I visited Mild Coffee Company in Neiva, this is the company that supplies Wolthers America with the finest Micro lots and container loads of Supremo and Excelso from Huila.

NUCOFFEE’s Brazilian Coffee Specialist and Q Grader Jack Robson and Professor Flavio Borem from the University of Lavras in MG had the opportunity to cup some exciting lots with me and the MCC crew.

This is the most famous region today in Colombia, coffee comes from 8 micro regions inside Huila, and all are outstanding regarding preparation and cup profile.

The Huila Micro Regions are: El Pital, Agrado, Tarqui, Quituro, Gigante Suaza, Guadalupe and Garzon, coffees are located from 1.300 to 1.800 meters altitude.

At MCC, all these regions can be prepared and exported; we will bring additional main crop Huila preparations and Micro lots during 2014.

Next week, my stop in Boquete – Panama visiting a plantation in the epicenter of the Geicha success!

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