The Coffee Weeks

| December 18, 2012

Yes, this week and the next can also be called, The Coffee Weeks!

In no other time of the year, do we ENJOY coffee as now, during the winter holidays, let it be with Special micro lot coffees from Brazil!

Special occasions require fine food and beverages, most certainly, all ceremonies and gatherings either start or end around the comforting cup of Coffee.

Make the best of it, see our unique offer of great coffees, 11/12 crop are at a discount and new arrivals of 12/13 micro lots will keep you warm and happy thru this winter.

Call us for special pricing and opportunities!!!!

Would you like to request a sample or need more info?

Trading Team

Christian Wolthers –
Alan Odom –

Contact us at (954) 797-0078 / (510) 222-8102

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