It’s that time again, The Brazilian New Crop harvest starts in May!

| April 29, 2013

DSCN0130The big question this year is where to store the incoming 13/14 new crop which starts to be harvested this May and finishes by September/13?

The numbers suggest a storage and logistic nightmare as Brazilian storage capacity, truck availability and road infra-structure are maxed out.

Coffee producers avoid storing coffee in the farms due to security and
capacity reasons.

DSCN0114Now producers will have to become very creative finding space in their local cooperative and nearby private warehouse capacity, both alternatives are already quite full with coffee and other crops.
Brazil’s 2012/13 crop 55.8 million 60 KG/Bags

Carry Over 11/12 1.6 million
July 1st 2012

Total 12/13 availb. 57.4 million
Starting July 1st/12

Exports Jly12-Mar13 22.9 million

Internal consumption 15.2 million

Balance carry over 19.3 million
March 31st/13

DSCN0077Est Int Consumption 5.0 million
April/13 – June/13

Est. exports 7.6 million
April/13 – June/13

Carry Over Jly 1/13 6.7 million bags

Est 13/14 crop 54.0 million
Total avail 13/14 60.7 million

Est export demand 30.0 million 12 months thru July 1st/14

Est Intern demand 21.0 million 12 months thru July 1st/14

Carry over 06/01/14 9.7 million bags

DSCN0154New crop Micro Lots and fine Arabica coffees will probably only start arriving into USA and European ports by Sept/Oct – 13.

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