What does Rock and Coffee have in common? Sambalatte.

| May 12, 2015

The Rock in Rio Festival opened this past weekend in Las Vegas in great style with more than 40,000 spectators per night. Our friend Luiz Oliveira was present with a branch store of the successful Sambalatte coffee shops.


At the Rock in Rio Sambalatte store with Luiz Oliveira, Success smiles

Once again, it was great to see our Nucoffee 100% specialty grade producer micro lots featured to a clientele which by the way were in the thousands at the festival!

The new main store on the strip connected to the MGM Monte Carlo Hotel was also promoting some of our NUCOFFEE producer – micro Lots, our Guatemala Pastoral and the MCCH Colombia Huila Supremo. The store is an outstanding place to experience great coffees, ambiance and coffee culture/education with various photos and multiple videos of origin and green coffee processing.

There is still time to see the last weekend of the Rock in Rio USA Festival in Las Vegas next weekend and to enjoy a great series of Sambalatte coffee drinks at the sight or on the strip.

For samples and pricing, please see our Offer List and call or email us.
Best Regards.

Christian Wolthers




Sambalatte roastery Store and a Nucoffee Micro Lot

Sambalatte roastery Store and Nucoffee Micro Lot

Sambalatte roastery Store and Nucoffee Micro Lot


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