Probably the last threatening cold front and frost fright in Brazil this season

| July 22, 2013

post-2013-07-22_01Again as the month of July runs its last week, there is a cold front in Brazil that threatens the Southern – most areas of the Arabica coffee Belt.

As this Cold Front runs over Parana and Sao Paulo States, we will learn by this Thursday if any coffee plantations were hit by the frost.

Brazil has not seen a massive frost in a few decades, the Belt has extended it’s radius substantially, moved north where its warmer, also moved up in altitude, where frost does not happen at those latitudes.

Unless we see a Strong Cold Front above 1030 mill bars when over the Belt, the risk of any damage is small; this will probably be the last frost fright front we will see this season.

All attention is necessary this Tuesday and Wednesday, a frost, if it confirms it actual potential, could have an impact of up to 4% losses for the next 2014-15 Brazilian crop.

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