Mid-Summer In America, past mid harvest in Brazil.

| July 22, 2014

summer-colorsNews coming from the Brazilian Coffee Belt is that 70% of the crop is at home and that yield and bean size are in fact reduced.
The weather has been absolutely normal for the season, very dry and with lower temperatures but no frost in the coffee regions.

The quality for the Natural Arabicas is above average at this point and will probably remain like that with the exception of bean size as bold beans are much lesser due to the drought.

The Cerrado Region will be the last to harvest but will probably have it done by late August.

New arrivals of the high quality Brazils will start by late September into October although commercial grade will arrive by late August as shippers are heavily sold.

Our current crop 2013/2014 inventories have just become a bit more attractive in price, call us for samples and pricing!


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