Huila and Tolima’s first outstanding Micro Lots Ever!

| August 27, 2014

wolthers-huila-coffee-bag-on-the-floorThe samples of the first Huila and Tolima Micro Lot Quality Competition held by MCCH have arrived!

Please find below, the list by final score and placement by producer and Finca names.

Each sample is available at our office and we can send samples and pricing by request only.

Arrivals into USA ports will be October 2014 so your prompt action requesting samples is welcome.

Try the new exciting favors of Colombia’s Tolima and Huila Regions best altitude coffees!

We at Wolthers Douqué will bring these single coffees to you, each lot has only 3 bags of 50 kg/100.23 lbs each, all in grain pro bags.

Click on the image above to see the full table.

Click on the image above to see the full table.

For more information on the event, look into our report of August 6th, 2014

Additional great unique micro lots

For other outstanding Nucoffee – Brazilian Estate micro lots, Guatemalan, Costa Rican and Colombian coffees, please look into our Offer List and request samples and pricing.

Visiting Brazil this week, will return with an end of harvest report next week, it’s Bossa Nova Time!

Christian Wolthers


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