Revisiting Copenhagen-Denmark

| September 16, 2014

compenhagen-header-photoLand of countless castles and fairy tales, Denmark is also home of multiple Barista World Champs, a whole nation of heavy coffee drinkers, the second highest consumption per capita in the world.

While visiting some of the many famous coffee shops in Copenhagen, I ended up choosing this new Coffee Faucet concept shop “Top Brewer” by AMOKA, a Brand already known.

The very interesting aspect of this concept are the machines that grind and serve out of an under counter grinder and brewer.

This equipment produces all kinds of preparations within 15 seconds after the customer orders through an APP in their smartphone.

The APP allows the customer to be his or her own barista, adjusting intensity, grind and quantity.

The store is new and has already attracted a crowd of consumer followers.

The quality of the different preparations is also amazing as the roasted beans are ground only seconds before brewing and the quality of these beans and of the water is special.

Seems like the Danes remain producing very interesting and leading opportunities and experiences in coffee preparation.

To learn more about Top Brewer, look into

Christian Wolthers.


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