Thank you for giving us your time in Seattle

| May 8, 2017

Dear Coffee friends,

Thank you for giving us your time in Seattle, for the inspiring feedbacks, for being friends, for being clients, for being open to our history and coffees.

When the “RAD” Container lab idea came about, some thought I was insane, some thought it was a fantastic idea but kind of impossible to do it within time frame, some thought it was unnecessary. In the end it was Roberta Vieira, our Controller, that gracefully stokes the decision hammer with the attitude, GO big or GO home. Thank you for the trust Robs!
And so the work started… What a team work!

Starting with this part grunge looking, full Nola, talented, artistic guys from Atelier WoodWorks; Christopher Capdeville and Chris Ball (; they were as excited with the challenge as we were. Our ideas matched pretty well. The concept was simple: clean, scan and less is more. It didn’t take more than 1 conference call while I was driving to get my kids in school to get into the same page with Woodworks, a few extra texts with the help of my lab/trade desk partner Curtis and this beautiful module red container lab was ready to leave New Orleans and ride to Seattle.

SCA 2017 Image Gallery

Hello logistics! How to move a container around? Mastered!

The biggest problem was the bureaucracy and rules of dealing with a Union, but then Roberta gets back into the game, nails it and make things work.

Time to bring our Colombian Coffee Expert, Manuel Cordoba, to show off some post-harvest innovations we have been working on, some told us these were the best coffees of the show…I don’t doubt. All Colombian lots that were at our cupping sessions are super special and available.

Then, of course, Breno Sayão our Vibe Coordinator could not stay unmentioned. Thank you my brother from another mother.

The biggest thanks to our C.E.O. Christian Bendz Wolthers for being the inspiration for this creation.

Christian, Alan, Roberta, Svenn, Peter, Patricia, Curtis, Manuel, Breno and Atelier WoodWorks thank you. Together we put on an epic show!

To the Nucoffee team, Roberta Armentano and Renan Cardoso thank you for the high quality coffees and the dedication with producer in the fields. We appreciate and are proud of these amazing coffees Nucoffee trust us with.
Our team back in the office that kept things moving while most of the office was in Seattle, Mr. Joe Colaciello and Andrea Landau, thank you.

Last but certainly not least; Costa Oro, thank you for taking care of our container while we wait for the next show!

We are glad to share with you picture of a great SCA show.
Thank you all coffee friends once again.

Kind Regards,
Anike Ejlers Wolthers


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