Brazil Harvest Report

| June 18, 2019

Good day clients and friends,

Although the Brazilian harvest started quite early this year, (“late April” in the Mogiana and some parts of South Minas) the percentage harvested up to now is still small.

The main reasons were the unstable weather with consistent rain periods up to a week ago and the very uneven maturation.

Quality-wise, the off-season rains have contributed to a lower quality at this stage of the harvest. Many over-ripe and ripe fruits have fermented on the tree, fallen to ground or burst inviting bacteria.

Harvest has been totally dependent on the weather as Brazilian farmers will never harvest prior or during rainy days.

With this very wet kick-off scenario, increase of “broca ” can be expected causing additional quality problems to the already installed ferment, dirty and irregular cup quality.

On the other hand, as the weather improves, as seems the case, the majority of the balance harvest will enjoy better conditions.

One important point is that the ideal conditions for the “Pulped Naturals” have already left the building. This preparation will be significantly reduced while “Natural Preparation” will be king this year.

Further quality issues caused by irregular flowering and maturation will still have to be dealt with along the upcoming 2 months and the result of this harvest management will determine the size of high and fine quality deficits.

– The Conilons/Robusta have reached 50% harvested.

– Cerrado about 25%

– South Minas in the 35%

– Zona da Mata 30%

For those needing Pulped Naturals, GOOD LUCK.

If one needs fine cup naturals, cross your fingers but start digging now.

The Conilons seem to be in the quality but are mostly taken by the Brazilian industry.

Regarding lower quality demands, no rush.

Best regards,

Christian Wolthers.


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